Housekeeper in Palm Beach, FL

If you are in search of housekeepers that would handle your home the way you want it to be handled, then you are in the right place.

There are times when both work and family demands for your attention at the same time. At times like this, housekeeping becomes a tough responsibility to keep up with.

This is when you are very likely to need a housekeeper in Palm Beach to help you balance out the responsibilities. Not just any housekeeper is capable of this, you need a housekeeper that is skilled in managing and being responsible when it comes to things that concern your home on a daily basis.

In summary, you need a professional Palm Beach housekeeper that helps to reduce your stress levels, and this is the kind of housekeeper we will be hiring on your behalf.

SOFLO Domestics in Palm Beach Will Provide You With Thorough, Trustworthy Housekeepers

With SOFLO Domestics, your ideal housekeeping will be met by the right professional from our database of household staff. They will manage your house to every last detail. We are capable of this because our hiring process is detailed enough to allow us select the best and most trustworthy housekeepers in Palm Beach and its neighboring cities.


The Housekeepers in Palm Beach at SOFLO Domestics Responsibilities Range From:


  • Making sure that your house is cleaned on a regular basis
  • Giving special treatments to certain surfaces around the house like; bathtubs, tiles, exotic hardwood and porcelain sinks
  • Dusting your furniture and other surfaces
  • Handling of all clothing items and upholstery
  • Brilliant laundry services
  • Management of your kitchen and caring for its kitchen cabinets, marble floors, copper sinks, and granite countertops
  • Cleaning and maintenance of home appliances (washing machines, dryers, ovens, TVs etc.)
  • Caring for your wardrobe needs
  • Caring for your pets, this also includes feeding them, taking them for walks, grooming etc.
  • And much more

Our housekeepers have been well-groomed and trained to take good care of you as though you got lodged into a five-star hotel.

The amount of help they offer will allow you to easily have enough time to focus on other important areas in your life.

Try out our excellent Palm Beach housekeepers today, and you will have a full conviction on why they are the one thing your home needs.

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