Miami Housekeeper

When you have more than enough on your plate, you are probably not putting a lot of thought into keeping up with the housework.

While you may not have the time to devote to cleaning different parts of your home, professional housekeepers can take care of the workload for you.

Our professionals have experience with completing various tasks, making sure those cleaning tasks are completed for you in an efficient yet fast enough manner to reduce stress.

We provide trained and experienced housekeepers in Miami to help our clients keep their properties completely clean.

SOFLO Domestics Provides You With the Best Housekeepers in Miami, FL

We are certain that the housekeeper we send out will treat your home like the personal sanctuary that it is for you. The reason we are so confident in our housekeepers is that we are extremely selective and only hire the best professionals in the Miami area.

We are certain they will do a fantastic job of cleaning different rooms and meeting the needs of the clients.


Our Professional Miami Housekeepers Take On Numerous Responsibilities For Clients, Such As:


  • Organizing various rooms in the home
  • Carefully cleaning different surfaces, including hardwood floors
  • Removing dust from walls and other surfaces
  • Washing your linens with care
  • Washing, drying and folding laundry
  • Scrubbing down assorted appliances both inside and outside
  • Feeding pets and taking the animals for walks
  • Cleaning the toilets/bathroom

These are only some of the different services offered by our experienced housekeepers. If you need help with something that is not already featured on the list, you can always call to a put a request in.

No matter what you need help with the most, our experienced housekeepers can handle the workload, treating your home like it is a palace. When you receive help from the skilled housekeepers, you will feel far less stressed over the housework that needs to get completed and you will get to have a clean home in pristine condition.

Give our Miami housekeepers a try and you’ll see the outstanding job we can do for you. Click the button below or call us at +1(305) 515 2625 to get started today!


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