Body Guard

Let our experienced and highly trained bodyguard protect you and your family.

You and your family deserve full protection from danger, including theft, homicide, assault, harassment, kidnapping and loss of confidential information. We can provide you with experienced and heavily trained security or bodyguard that will guarantee your safety and that of your family.

Our security personnel will work with you depending on your preference and can be present with you in your private accommodation, in your private events or available on call. They can also be licensed to carry weapons for protection if needs be.

Here are the duties that our trained and experienced security personnel/bodyguard will perform for you:

  • Escort and protect you at all times
  • Carry out thorough checks on people coming in close contact with you
  • Plan your journeys and itineraries
  • Carry out a thorough check on every location which you are about to enter

Our private bodyguards are highly trained to carry out a thorough evaluation of potential risks to ensure that you and your family members are not exposed to danger at anytime. They are also highly trained in physical combat so that they can be able to defend you and your family against any physical attack.

Depending on your preference, the bodyguard we give you can also be your driver and in this case, the bodyguard will have advanced driving skills such that they can ensure a safe exit for you and your family when there is a potential dangerous situation.
Your security and that of your family is our foremost concern and so we go beyond boundaries to get you the perfect bodyguard that has the skills, experience and training to guarantee your safety and that of your family.

Contact us right now to give us your preferences so we can provide you with a bodyguard that will perfectly meet your needs. You can try the services of the bodyguard for free to see that they meet your specifications. We guarantee you that you will be retaining his services after the trial period because you are going to love the sense of security you will have when he is around you.